Pigs in a Crate-let

12,000 years ago, Homo Sapiens started the agricultural revolution which allowed a surplus of food and supplies giving us the ability to stay put. This then gave way to farming and allowed us to create a whole new type of animal: domesticated animals. Since then we have changed the eco system of the world, bringing wild animals and their habitat to near extinction. Today, 200,000 wolves run wild but we have more than 400 million dogs; only 40,000 lions versus 600 million house cats; 900,000 African buffalo compared to 1.5 billion domestic cows; and the concrete jungle is ever growing while the natural jungle is dying at an alarming rate.

Humans have eliminated natural selection, giving domesticated animals “all” that they need to reproduce and survive. But do we give them everything? Millions of years of evolution have shaped all animals, humans included, to have physical, social, and emotional needs. Today, farm animals are locked in cages, given no room to roam let alone move, and impregnated at will until they meet the slaughter house. Evolution has forced these animals to need to wander vast territory, play as children, and communicate and cooperate with one another. Today, these subjective needs are not met, causing frustration, aggression, depression, and other problems.

I️t is like a prisoner in solitary confinement. Sure they can stay alive for many years, but the overall well being and sanity of the prisoner will be destroyed in no time. But now imagine it wasn’t a prisoner but rather an innocent man or woman who has done nothing wrong. I️t sounds like a cruel punishment and something we would all be protesting against. So the question today is: why do we allow this cruel punishment of innocent and intelligent farm animals? Especially when we can produce just as much food, but be humane and cause much less ecological damage.

If you can’t think of a good answer to the question above then this should be the next rational question. Why aren’t we doing anything about it?

*Credit to Yuval Noah Harari and “Homo Deus”.

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