New Update: iOS 12

In a world of fast pace information and communication, smartphones are the saving grace of the 21st century. But in a world of rising anxiety, depression, and mental illness, smartphones are a one-way ticket to misery.

This may be a bit of an exaggeration but statistics about smartphones and rising mental illness has shown that this may not be as extreme as it sounds. To make this quicker there is a picture at the bottom that shows some alarming statistics about usage and addiction.

Many people today are spending too much time on their phone and many of them are trying to break the habit but are finding it harder and harder. Things such as games, social media, information overload, and better and new technology is contributing to this struggle. One of the main components of new technology is Moore’s law which states how overall processing power for computers doubles every two years. As we look at these statistics and think about the future of smartphones and the rapid growth that could come, many questions arise. Questions that should make one reflect on and try to honestly answer to see how they really compare to the numbers.

  • How addictive are smartphones? Have I ever tried to limit my time on the phone and failed?
  • What is the mental damage being done from hours of phone use a day.
  • What apps are the most addictive and why? Is it the feedback system? The constant search of attention and approval? A gambling affect?
  • How is this affecting children, either through their direct use or through lack of attention from addicted parents?
  • What is the future going to look like if we continue down this path or potentially get worse?
  • What will we have to do to improve the situation?

Personally, the answer to the last question for me is just giving out solid information to the people, and they will choose to make the change or not. There is no denying the positives of smart phones, but we can also not overlook the negatives that are associated with excessive use. One must way the options and decide what they ultimately want for themselves. But enough about this, I need to go check my facebook.

Smartphone Addiction Facts & Phone Usage Statistics

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